Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yard Sale Success

Years ago I had my last yard sale. Probably fifteen years ago. At least until a couple of weekends ago. Will I never learn?

There is an physical exhaustion unique to Yard Sale-ing.
That being said. It went pretty well. I was aiming for the Win-Win through out. I would be rid of many unneeded objects and my daughter would earn much needed funds for her mission trip to Panama. This happened for the most part.

The preparation began a couple of weeks before.

Cleaning out storage shed . .

Can we part with our beloved Furby's?

Evidence that Barbie knows math stuff...circa 2001

Then the weekend of the Big Sale....

Mid-yard sale nap for Connor.
My grandson's first time sleeping in a tent.

The only thing more tiring than having a three-day yard sale is having one with a sixteen month old.

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